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Marque Histories: Ferrari: Out of Print Title: ID1117

Enzo Ferrari

Brock Yates

465pp , 1991

Sought-after biography, very much a 'warts and all' study of Enzo. In very good condition, light fading to spine of dust jacket.

£0.00 Out of Stock

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Boreham - the 40-year story of Ford\\\'s motorsport dream factory, Graham Robson
Borgward Personenwagen, Peter Michels
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Bugatti, Hugh Conway
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Bugatti, le pur-sang des automobiles, H.G.Conway
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Build to win, Keith Noakes
Cadillac Seville, Thomas Falconer
Camion Alfa Romeo, Massimo Condolo
Camion Lancia, Massimo Condolo
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Cape Cold to Cape Hot, Richard Pape
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Carambola!, Luigi Orsini
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Chilton\'s Alfa Romeo Repair & Tune up guide - Giulietta, early Giulia,
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Classic Miniature Vehicles Made in Italy, Force
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Coachwork on Vintage Bentleys, Nick Walker
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Cobra Classics,
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Cosworth, the Search for Power, Graham Robson
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Dans les coulisses d\\\'Alpine, Eric Senechal
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Das grosse Alfa-Spider Buch, Lucas Cellini
Das grosse Citroen-DS-Buch, Daniel Puiboube
Das Rennen ist nie zu Ende, Harster
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Datsun Z-Cars, Consumer Guide
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Davidstow, a history of Cornwall\'s Formula 1 race circuit, Peter Tutthill
Daytona Cobra Coupes, Peter Brock, Dave Friedman & George Stauffer
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de Flippis - Maria Teresa di Flippis, la Signorina F1, Cesare de Agostini
De Lorean Gold Portfolio 1997-1995,
De Palma, Ralph - Ralph de Palma, Gentleman Champion, Gary Doyle
de Portago, Alfonso - Il pianto del Drake, Lorenzo Montagner
De Tomaso,
De Tomaso Automobiles, Wallace Wyss
De Tomaso Automobiles, Wallace A.Wyss
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De Tomaso Macchine da Corsa, the official racing history, Philippe Olczyk
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Delahaye sport et prestige, Francois Jolly
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Design & Development of the Indy Car, Roger Huntington
Design and Behaviour of the Racing Car, Stirling Moss & Laurence Pomeroy
Design and Behaviour of the racing car, Stirling Moss & Laurence Pomeroy
Diatto, Sergio Massaro
Diatto Story, Sergio Massaro
Dick & George - the Seaman - Monkhouse letters 2936-1939, Doug Nye & Geoff Goddard
Die Automobile der Gebrueder Schlumpf, Wolfgang Drehsen, Werner Haas & Han-Juergen Schneider
Die Veritas Story, Hanns Peter Rosellen
Dino - Ferrari, Fiat, Lancia, Jean-Pierre Gabriel
Dino, les autres Ferrari, Jean-Pierre Gabriel
Dino, the little Ferrari, Doug Nye
Diventero Lamborghini, storia di Ferruccio Lamborghini, Tonino Lamborghini
Divinely Elegant, the world of Ernst Dryden, Anthony Lipman
DKW Auto-Union Guide, Keith Ayling
DKW, die Geschichte einer Weltmarke, Siegfried Rauch
Dodge, the performance cars, Peter Grist
Donald Campbell, the man behind the mask, David Tremayne
Donohoe - Unfair Advantage, The, Mark Donohoe
Dorio Serafini, storia e leggenda di un asso perarese, Franco Andreatini
Drawing and painting racing cars, Michael Turner
Dreyfus - My Two Lives, race driver to restaurateur, Rene Dreyfus & Beverly Rae Kimes
Drive It! The complete book of British Drag Racing, David Hardcastle & Peter Jones
Drive it! The Complete Book of Formula Ford, Phillip Bingham
Drive It! The complete book of Hillclimbing & Sprinting, Robin Boucher
Drive it! The complete book of rallying, Stuart Turner & Tony Mason
Driven, the racing photography of Jesse Alexander 1954-1962, Jesse Alexander & Stirling Moss
Drogo - Official Coachbuilder of the Scuderia Ferrari, Jack Koobs de Hartog & Marc de Rijck
Due anni di corse 1930-31,
Duesenberg, the Pursuit of Perfection, Fred Roe
E.R.A., A Concise History, JRW Barker
Early MG, PL Jennings
Ecurie Ecosse, Graham Gauld
Ecurie Ecosse - David Murray and the legendary Scottish motor racing team, Eric Dymock
Ecurie Ecosse, the story of Scotland's intenrational racing team, David Murray
Edouardo Bianchi, Gentile
Elio Zagato, storie di corse e non solo, Elio Zagato
Emotion Alfa Romeo 1950 - 1975, Maurice Louche
Emotion Alpine 1955-1976, Maurice Louche
Emotion Ferrari (Europe 1947-1972), Maurice Louche
Emotion Porsche 1951-1976, Maurice Louche
Endurance Racing 1982-1991, Ian Briggs
Engineer to Win, Carroll Smith
Enrico Nardi, a fast life, Dino Brunori & Andrea Curami
Enzo Ferrari, Bruno Alfieri
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Epynt, a stage rallying history, Martin Leonard & Mark Griffin
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Essential Fiat 124 Spider & Coupe, Martin Buckley
Essential Mercedes Coupes, Cabriolets & Saloons 53-67, James Taylor
Ettore Bugatti, WF Bradley
Ettore Bugatti, l'artisan de Molsheim, Horbert Steinhauser
Extraordinary Automobiles, Peter Vann & Gerald Asaria
F-stops, Pit Stops, Laughter and Tears, Bernard Cahier
F40 da Corsa, Cassano
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Facel Vega 1959-1964,
Facel-Vega limited edition extra,
Facel-Vega, toute l'histoire, Michel Renou
Fairthorpe Cars, John H.Allan
Falchetto, Planner & Designer, Stefano Falchetto
Famous Car Factories - Lamborghini, Stefano Pasini
Famous Car Factories - Morgan, Bengt Ason Holm
Fangio, Denis Jenkinson
Fangio - Juan Manuel Fangio, Gunther Molter
Fangio - Juan Manuel Fangio LIMITED EDITION, Karl Ludvigsen
Fangio - Juan Manuel Fangio, motor racing's grand master, Karl Ludvigsen
Fangio - My Twenty Years of Racing, Juan Manuel Fangio
Fangio - the life Story of Juan Manuel Fangio, R.Hansen & F.Kirbus
Fangio, a Pirelli Album, Stirling Moss
Fangio, my racing life, Juan Manuel Fangio & Roberto Carozzo
Fangio, the life behind the legend, Gerald Donaldson
Fantastiques Alfa Romeo, Greggio & Bacchi
Fantastiques Ferrari, Antoine Prunet & Peter Vann
Fast Ladies, female racing drivers 1888-1970, Jean-Francois Bouzanquet
Faza X1/9 Strada 128 Race World, Alfed Cosentino
Ferrari, Tanner
Ferrari, Hans Tanner & Doug Nye
Ferrari & Pininfarina, Gianni Rogliatti
Ferrari - 4th edition, Hans Tanner
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Ferrari 166 to F50 GT, John Starkey, Christopher Renwick & Philippe Olczyk
Ferrari 166MM Barchetta, C.F. Bianchi Anderloni & V.Moretti
Ferrari 1947-1997, the official book, Gianni Cancellieri (ed.)
Ferrari 1957-62,
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Ferrari 250 TR 59/60 Cavalleria no.8, Doug Nye & Pietro Carrieri
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Ferrari 250GT Competition Cars, Jess G Pourret
Ferrari 250GT SWB, Ken Gross
Ferrari 250GTO, Keith Bluemel & Jess Pourret
Ferrari 250GTO, David Clarke
Ferrari 250LM, Marcel Massini & Rob de la Rive Box
Ferrari 275 GTB - 275 GTS - 275 GTB-4A, Jess Pourret
Ferrari 275 GTB/GTS, Bruno Alfieri
Ferrari 275GTB & GTS, 2-cam 4-cam, Competizione, Spider , Ian Webb
Ferrari 308 & Mondial, Willoughby
Ferrari 308 328 Mondial Osprey Autohistory, Geoff Willoughby
Ferrari 308 GTB Rally Car, Antonio Biasioli
Ferrari 312 & 512 sports racing cars, the Porsche Hunters, Ian Bamsey
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Ferrari 315 S Cavalleria no.7, Antoine Prunet & Pietro Carrieri
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Ferrari 328/348/Mondial 1986-1994,
Ferrari 333 SP Cavalleria no.13, David G.Siebert & Pietro Carrieri
Ferrari 348, Enrico Benzing
Ferrari 348 GT/GTS/Spider,
Ferrari 360 Modena, Ramacotti & Frere
Ferrari 360 Modena,
Ferrari 360 Modena press brochure with slides,
Ferrari 360 Spider,
Ferrari 360 Spider, Bruno Alfieri
Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona, Doug Nye & Paul Frere
Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Groupe Daytona Competizione, Christian Huet
Ferrari 375 F1 Cavalleria no.4, Gino Rancati & Pietro Carrieri
Ferrari 375 Plus Cavalleria no.6, Doug Nye & Pietro Carrieri
Ferrari 375 racing in Argentina, Christian Bertschi & Estanislao Iacona
Ferrari 400i,
Ferrari 412, Paolo Murani & Stefano Pasini
Ferrari 456 GTA - glossy Press Kit,
Ferrari 456GT, Bruno Alfieri & Murani
Ferrari 456GT, Ippolito Alfieri
Ferrari 456GT, Ippolito Alfieri & Paolo Murani
Ferrari 456MGT + GTA,
Ferrari 500 F2 Cavalleria no.3, Doug Nye & Pietro Carrieri
Ferrari 512 S&M Cavalleria no.1, Christian Huet & Pietro Carrieri
Ferrari 512TR, David Sparrow
Ferrari 550 Barchetta Pininfarina, Etienne Cornil
Ferrari 550 Barchetta Pininfarina,
Ferrari 550 Maranello, Bruno Alfieri & Stefano Pasini
Ferrari 550 Maranello,
Ferrari 550 Maranello - glossy Press Kit,
Ferrari 575M Maranello,
Ferrari 60th Anniversary 1947-2007, Leonardi Acerbi & Luciano Greggio
Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, Maria Grazia Gargioni, Stefano Pasini & Lorenzo Ramaciotti
Ferrari 612 Scaglietti Media brochure,
Ferrari 68 69 70 Yearbook,
Ferrari a History, Bruno Alfieri
Ferrari a Le Mans, Sergio Cassano
Ferrari Album 1, Jonathan Thompson
Ferrari Album 3, Jonathan Thompson
Ferrari America Superamerica Superfast, Bruno Alfieri
Ferrari and Maserati in action, Hans Tanner
Ferrari Argentina - Sports Cars, Cristian Bertschi & Estanislao Iacona
Ferrari at Le Mans, Dominique Pascal
Ferrari au Salon de Paris 1948-1988, Dominique Pascal
Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer 365 & 512 Series, Mel Nichols
Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer, the road and race legends, Nathan Beehl
Ferrari by Pininfarina, Etienne Cornil
Ferrari by Pininfarina, Technology & Beauty, Etienne Cornil
Ferrari by Vignale, Massini
Ferrari by Zagato, Michele Marchiano
Ferrari Cabriolets & Spyders, Jonathan Thompson
Ferrari Century, the story of the Prancing Horse 1898 to today, Roberto Boccafogli
Ferrari Challenge Stradale,
Ferrari Daytona, Nathan Beehl
Ferrari Dino 166 206 246, Bruno Alfieri
Ferrari Dino 1965-75 Limited Edition Extra,
Ferrari Dino 206GT, 246GT & GTS, Ian Webb
Ferrari Dino 206S Berlinetta & Spider Cavalleria no.10, Christian Huet & Pietro Carrieri
Ferrari Dino 246 GT, Nathan Beehl
Ferrari Dino 246, 307 & 328, a Collector\'s guide , Alan Henry
Ferrari Dino SPs, John Godfrey
Ferrari Dino V6 Compendium, Matthias Bartz
Ferrari Dino, 308 & Mondial Brooklands Gold Portfolio,
Ferrari Dino, the complete story, Anthony Curtis
Ferrari Dino, the Complete Story, Anthony Curtis
Ferrari Ecurie Garage Francorchamps, Gianni Rogliatti
Ferrari F1 1948-1963, Piero Casucci
Ferrari F1 1964-1976, Piero Casucci
Ferrari F1 Annual 1991, Enrico Benzing
Ferrari F1 Annual 1992, Bruno Alfieri
Ferrari F1 Annual 1996, Bruno Alfieri
Ferrari F1 Annual 1998, Alfieri
Ferrari F1 Annual: 1948-89 Catalogue Raisonne, Benzing
Ferrari F1 Annual: 1993, Alfieri
Ferrari F1 Annual: 1995, Alfieri
Ferrari F1 Annual: 1997, Bruno Alfieri
Ferrari F355 & 360 Gold Portfolio,
Ferrari F355 - book, Bruno Alfieri
Ferrari F355 355 F1 original brochure,
Ferrari F355 F1 - glossy Press Kit,
Ferrari F355 World Tour, Antonio Maffeis (ed)
Ferrari F40, Mark Hughes
Ferrari F40, Piero Casucci
Ferrari F40, David Sparrow & John Tipler
Ferrari F40, Piero Casucci
Ferrari F40 LM Cavalleria no.5, Pierre Dieudonne, Jean Sage & Pietro Carrieri
Ferrari F430- Supercar, Bruno Alfieri
Ferrari F512M, Bruno Alfieri
Ferrari Fever, a lifetime collecting, restoring and racing the rarest Italian automobiles , Paul F. Schouwenberg
Ferrari Formula 1 1994, Bruno Alfieri
Ferrari Glory, Gianni Cancellieri
Ferrari Grand Prix Moments - Formula One Photographs 1954-1966, Jesse Alexander
Ferrari GTO art & car edition, Jurgen Lewandowski
Ferrari GTO, the classic experience, Alan Lis
Ferrari Monoposto Catalogue Raisonne 1948-1997, Bruno Alfieri
Ferrari Opera Omnia 1946-2000,
Ferrari Owner's Handbook, Hans Tanner
Ferrari P3/412P Cavalleria no.11, Christian Huet & Pietro Carrieri
Ferrari Pininfarina, Lionel Froissart
Ferrari Pocket History, Alfieri
Ferrari Portfolio 1, Sergio Massaro
Ferrari Portfolio 2, Massaro
Ferrari Prototype Era 1962-1973 in photographs, Alan Henry
Ferrari Racing Activities Yearbook 2005,
Ferrari Racing Activities Yearbook 2006,
Ferrari Road Cars 1946-1956, RM Clarke (ed)
Ferrari Spider - 1949-1990, PIERO Casucci
Ferrari sports racing and prototype competition cars, Antoine Prunet
Ferrari Spyder California, Stanley Nowak
Ferrari Supercars, Nathan Beehl
Ferrari Testa Rossa V-12, Joel E Finn
Ferrari Testa Rossa V-12, Joel Finn
Ferrari Testarossa, Hughes
Ferrari Testarossa, Philip Porter
Ferrari Testarossa, Paolo Murani, Stefano Pasini & Luigi Orsini
Ferrari Testarossa 512TR, Paolo Murani
Ferrari Testarossa, mid-engined flat-12 supercar, David Sparrow
Ferrari the Grand Prix Cars, Alan Henry
Ferrari the Machines & the Man, Pete Lyons
Ferrari the Racing Cars, Keith Bluemel
Ferrari the road & racing cars, Eaton
Ferrari the Road Cars, Bluemel
Ferrari the Road Cars, Antoine Prunet
Ferrari Tipo 166, the original sports Ferrari, Angelo Tito Anselmi
Ferrari Tipo 625 & 555, Keith Davey & Anthony Pritchard
Ferrari Turbos, the GP cars 1981-88, Pritchard
Ferrari V-12 Sports Cars 1946-56, Anthony Pritchard
Ferrari V8 from 308 to F40, Beki Adam
Ferrari Yearbook 1991,
Ferrari Yearbook 1992,
Ferrari Yearbook 1993,
Ferrari Yearbook 1994,
Ferrari Yearbook 1995,
Ferrari Yearbook 1996,
Ferrari Yearbook 1997,
Ferrari Yearbook 1999,
Ferrari Yearbook 2000,
Ferrari Yearbook 2001 ,
Ferrari Yearbook 2003,
Ferrari Yearbook 2004,
Ferrari Yearbook 2005,
Ferrari, le stradali dalla 166 Inter alla 599 GTB,
Ferrari, men from Maranello, Anthony Pritchard
Ferrari, the Legendary 250, Gianni Rogliatti
Ferrari, the Sports and Gran Turismo Cars 4th edition, Warren Fitzgerald, Richard Merritt & Jonathan Thompson
Fiat, Shimwell
Fiat, Michael Sedgwick
Fiat & Abarth 124 Spider & Coupe, John Tipler
Fiat & Abarth 500 & 600 colour family album, Andrea Sparrow & David Sparrow
Fiat & Abarth 500, 600 & Seicento, Malcolm Bobbitt
Fiat & Abarth tips, Greg Schmidt
Fiat - World Car Guide DX,
Fiat 1200 1500 1600S Cabriolet and Coupe 1959-1966, Alessandro Sannia
Fiat 1200 1500 1600S Fuoriserie, Alessandro Sannia
Fiat 124 & 2000 Spider 1966-1985,
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Fiat 126 1972-2000 , Alessandro Sannia
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Fiat 1800 2100 2300 fuoriserie, Alessandro Sannia
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Fiat 600 Derivation Abarth 750,
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Fiat Barchetta 1995-2005 - great history book, Alessandro Sannia
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Ford vs. Ferrari, the battle for Le Mans, Anthony Pritchard
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Grand Prix Bugatti, HG Conway
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Grand Prix de Monaco, le regard de Michael Turner, David Waldron
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Hawthorn - Champion Year, Mike Hawthorn
Hawthorn - Mike Hawthorn, Challenge Me the Race, Mike Hawthorn
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Holden 1948-1962,
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How to improve MGB, MGC & MGB V8 , Roger Williams
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How to power tune Jaguar XK engines, Des Hammill
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I love Fiat 500,
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Illustrated Aston Martin Buyer\\\'s Guide, Paul R. Woudenberg
Illustrated Jaguar Buyer's Guide, James Hoehn
Illustrated Lamborghini Buyer\'s Guide, Rob de la Rive Box
Illustrated Lamborghini Buyer\\\'s Guide, Rob de la Rive Box
Illustrated Maserati Buyers Guide, Richard Crump & Rob de la Rive Box
Illustrated Maserati Buyers Guide, Richard Crump & Rob de la Rive Box
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Illustrated Pantera Buyer\\\'s Guide - all De Tomaso Cars, Rob de la Rive Box & Matthew Stone
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In the hands of providence, the unsung exploits of Giotto Bizzarrini, Griffith Borgeson
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Inside Ferrari, Michael Dregni
Inside the Paddock, Racing Car Transporters at Work, David Cross & Bjorn Kjer
Intermeccanica, the Story of the Prancing Bull, Andrew McCredie
Ireland - All Arms & Elbows, Innes Ireland
Ireland - All Arms and Elbows, Innes Ireland
Ireland, Innes - Innes Ireland Remembers....., Ed McDonough
Irvine - Life in the Fast Lane, the inside story of the Ferrari Years, Eddie Irvine & Jane Nottage
Iso & Bizzarrini 1962-1974 Brooklands Gold Portfolio,
Iso & Bizzarrini Brooklands Gold Portfolio,
Iso and Bizzarrini Limited Edition Ultra,
Iso Rivolta - the Men, the Machines, Winston Goodfellow
Iso Rivolta - the Men, the Machines, Winston Goodfellow
Iso Rivolta, the Man, the Machines, Winstion Goodfellow
Isotta Fraschini, Angelo Tito Anselmi
Isotta Fraschini, Angelo Tito Anselmi
Isotta Fraschini , Augusto Costantino
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Italian Sports Cars, Winston Goodfellow
Jaguar, Nigel Thorley
Jaguar at Le Mans, Paul Parker
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Jaguar Sports Racing & Works Competition Cars from 1954, Andrew Whyte
Jaguar vs Porsche the battle for Le Mans 1987, Ken Wells
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Jaguar XJ-S, Duncan Wherrett
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Jaguar XJ220, Philip Porter
Jaguar XJ40, Piero Casucci
Jaguar XJS, Rivers Fletcher
Jaguar XJS Restoration & Maintenance, Jim Patten
Jaguar XK120, the Anatomy of a Cult Object - Volume 1, Urs Schmid
Jaguar XK120, the Anatomy of a Cult Object - Volume 2, Urs Schmid
Jaguar XK140 Explored, Bernard Viart
Jaguar XK8 XKR, Stefano Pasini
Jaguar XK8, the complete story, Graham Robson
Jaguar, the definitive history of a great British car, Andrew Whyte
Jaguars in Competition , Chris Harvey
Jenks, a Passion for Motor Sport,
Jensen, all the Models , Richard Calver
Jones - Driving Ambition, Alan Jones & Keith Botsford
Jowett 1901-1954, Noel Stokee
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Jowett Jupiter, the car that leaped to fame, Edmund Nankivell
Karmann Ghia Coupe & Cabriolet, Malcolm Bobbitt
Karossierien nach Mass - Erhard Wendler 1923-1963, Ralf JE Kieselbach
Keith Martin on Collecting Ferrari,
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Klemantaski Himself - Portfolio Edition, Louis Klemantaski
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Koenigsegg Competition Coupe, Dane Glanz
Kompressoren am Berg - Klausen history, Bernhard Braegger
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La Ferrari 2000,
La Ferrari 2001 with Marlboro cover,
La Ferrari 2003,
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La Lancia, Wim Oude Weernink & Adriano Cimarosti
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Lagonda Gold Portfolio 1919-1964,
Lagonda, a history of the marque, Arnold Davey & Anthony May
Lagonda, an illustrated history 1900-1950, Geoffrey Seaton
Lamborghini, Andrew Morland
Lamborghini, Jean-Marc Borel
Lamborghini 1963-2002 Catalogue Raisonne,
Lamborghini 1964-2004,
Lamborghini 1974 on,
Lamborghini 1993 Official factory yearbook,
Lamborghini 40,
Lamborghini 95 Yearbook,
Lamborghini Car magazine memories,
Lamborghini Cars 1964-1970,
Lamborghini Cars Gold Portfolio 1990-2004,
Lamborghini Cars Performance Portfolio 1964-1976,
Lamborghini Cars Performance Portfolio 1977-1989,
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Lamborghini Countach, Graham Robson
Lamborghini Countach, Paul Clark
Lamborghini Countach, Chris Bennett
Lamborghini Countach, Chris Bennett
Lamborghini Countach, Jean-Marc Borel
Lamborghini Countach, Stefano Pasini
Lamborghini Countach & Jalpa 1980-85,
Lamborghini Countach & Urraco 1974-80,
Lamborghini Countach 1971-1982,
Lamborghini Countach 5000 quattrovalvole, Stefano Pasini
Lamborghini Countach LP400, LP500S, Jeremy Coulter
Lamborghini Countach sales brochure,
Lamborghini Countach the Complete Story, Peter Dron
Lamborghini dalla Miura alla Gallardo,
Lamborghini Diablo, Jurgen Lewandowski
Lamborghini Diablo, Stefano Pasini
Lamborghini Diablo , Stefano Pasini
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Lamborghini Espada & the 4-seaters (350GT, 400GT, Islero, Jarama, Marzal), Jean-Francois Marchet
Lamborghini Forty Years, David Joliffe & Tony Willard
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Lamborghini la splendida antagonista, Otto Grizzi
Lamborghini le Granturismo, Sergio Massaro
Lamborghini Miura, Coltrin & Marchet
Lamborghini Miura, Stefano Pasini
Lamborghini Miura, Peter Coltrin & Jean-Francois Marchet
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Lamborghini Review No.1,
Lamborghini Review no.2, Stefano Pasini
Lamborghini Review no.3, Stefano Pasini
Lamborghini Review no.4, Stefano Pasini
Lamborghini Review No.5,
Lamborghini Supercar Supreme, Auto Editors of Consumer Guide
Lamborghini supreme amongst exotics, Andrew Morland
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Lamborghini the spirit of the bull, Paul W Cockerham
Lamborghini tous les modeles annee par annee, Serge Bellu
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Lanchester Motor Cars, a history, Anthony Bird & Francis Hutton-Scott
Lancia, Michael Frostick
Lancia, Peter Garnier
Lancia - 70 Years of Trailblazing , Bruce Lindsay
Lancia 037, the development & rally history of a World Champion, Peter Collins
Lancia 037/Delta S4/Delta 4WD/Integrale/Integrale, Piero Casucci
Lancia and De Virgilio at the center, Geoffrey Goldberg
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Lancia Ardea e Appia, Puttini & Fornai
Lancia Aurelia, Howard Moon
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Lancia Aurelia GT, Feruccio Bernabo
Lancia Aurelia in Detail, Niels Jonassen
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Lancia Beta Collectors Guide, Brian Long
Lancia Beta Montecarlo, Luciano Greggio
Lancia Catalogue Raisonne 1907-1990,
Lancia Corse, Alfio Manganaro & Paolo Vinai
Lancia Dedra Range 1.6/1.8/2.0,
Lancia Dedra Range 1.6/1.8/2.0 HF Turbo,
Lancia Dedra Range 1.6/1.8/2.0/2.0 Turbo diesel,
Lancia Delta, Nigel Trow
Lancia Delta 4WD / integrale, Graham Robson
Lancia Delta HF & integrale,
Lancia Delta HF Integrale, Manganaro
Lancia Delta HF integrale - out-of-print history book!, Alfio Manganaro
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Lancia HPE facelift,
Lancia in Britain, Jack Romano (ed.)
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Lancia integrale, the Complete Story, Peter Collins & Paul Baker
Lancia Racing, all sports, grand prix, Rally & endurance cars , Nigel Trow
Lancia Sporting Coupes, Brian Long
Lancia Stratos, Piero Casucci
Lancia Stratos, Graham Robson
Lancia Stratos - 40 anni di successi, Antonio Biasioli
Lancia Stratos 1972-1985,
Lancia Stratos Limited Edition Extra,
Lancia Stratos mythe et realite, Dominique Vincent
Lancia Stratos Super Profile, Graham Robson
Lancia Stratos, Regina dei Rally, Antonio Biasoli
Lancia Stratos, thirty years later, Andrea Curami
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Lancia the Shield & Flag, Nigel Trow
Lancia Thema & 8.32, Piero Casucci
Lancia Thema 8.32, Gianzenzo Madaro & Maioli
Lancia Thema Range May 89 - 2.0ie & Turbo,
Lancia Thema Range VII/93,
Lancia Thema Range X/92,
Lancia Y10, Piero Casucci
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Lola\\\'s First; the definitive history of the Mark 1, David Pratley
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Lotus 49, the story of a legend, Michael Oliver
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Marshall, Gerry - Only Here for the Beer, Jeremy Walton
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Maserati 228,
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Maserati Miniatures, Gualdrini
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MG Collectables, Michael Ellman-Brown
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Mille Miglia 1927-1957, Giovanni Lurani
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Mintex Man Relined, Guy Loveridge & Bob Richardson
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Mitsubishi Motor Sports \\\'90/\\\'91,
Mitsubishi Motor Sports \\\'91/\\\'92,
Mitsubishi Motor Sports \\\'92/\\\'93,
Mitsubishi Motor Sports \\\'93/\\\'94,
Mitsubishi Motor Sports \\\'94/\\\'95,
Mitsubishi Motor Sports \\\'95/\\\'96,
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Mitsubishi Motor Sports \\\'97/\\\'98,
Mitsubishi Motor Sports \\\'98/\\\'99,
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Monteverdi, Werdegang einer Schweizer Automarke, Roger Gloor & Carl Wagner
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Morgan, Rowan Isaac
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Morgan at Le Mans, David Dowse
Morgan Four Owners\' Workshop Manual,
Morgan Maverick, Chris Lawrence
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Morgan Plus 4 Super profile, John Teague
Morgan Plus 8, Michael Scarlett
Morgan sales catalogue ,
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Morgan Three-Wheeler 1910-1952 Gold Portfolio,
Morgan Three-wheeler, the complete story, Peter Miller
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Morgan, the last survivor, Chris Harvey
Morgan, the last survivor, Chris Harvey
Morgans to 1997, Roger Bell
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Motor Racing at Goodwood in the Sixties, Tony Gardiner
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Motor Racing Circuits of Europe, Louis Klemantaski & Michael Frostick
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Motor Racing Year 1968-9,
Motor Racing Year 1970,
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Motor Sport Racing Car Review 1950, Denis Jenkinson
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Motoring, the golden years, Rupert Prior
Move Over!, Russell Brockbank
Munari, Sandro - La coda del Drago, Sandro Munari & Cesare de Agostini
Murphy, Jimmy - King of the Boards, the Life and Times of Jimmy Murphy, Gary Doyle
Murray Walker, unless I\'m very much mistaken, Murray Walker
Muscle and curves TVR 1975-1994, Iain Ayre
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Museo dell\'automobile Carlo Biscaretti di Ruffia Torino, Akira Fujimoto
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MX-5, Jack K Yamaguchi & Jonathan Thompson
My 1001 Cars, Gabriel Voisin
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Nine Lives Plus, The Hon. Mrs Victor Bruce
Nissan 300ZX 350Z - the Z-car story, Brian Long
Noel Mackiln, from Invicta and Railton to the Fairmile boats, David Thirlby
Nos bastidores do Automobilismo Brasiliero, Jan Balder
Nuccio Bertone Profile,
Nurburgring - Kings of the Nurburgring, Chris Nixon
Nuvalori, il romanzo del centenario, Raffaelli
Nuvolari, Aldo Santini
Nuvolari, Christopher Hilton
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Nuvolari - Quando corre Nuvalori, Moretti
Nuvolari - Tazio Nuvolari, Franco Zagari
Nuvolari - Tazio Nuvolari Antologia, Michele Marchiano
Nuvolari - Tazio Nuvolari Museo, Franceschi
Nuvolari - Tazio Vivo, Cesare de Agostini
Nuvolari - When Nuvolari Raced, Valerio Moretti
Nuvolari, Tazio - Nuvolari, Count Lurani
Nuvolari, Tazio - Quando scatta Nuvolari,
OM - the Men, the Cars, the Races, Alessandro Silva
OM, una storia nella storia, CF Zampini Salazar
On Aston Martin, Neil Murray
On the Road Bentley Motors, Bernard L King
One Hundred Years of Fiat 1899/1999: Products, Facets, Images,
Onora il padre e il madre, Lamborghini
Opel im Sport 1934,
Opel im Sport 1934,
Opel Kadett GT/E , Antonio Biasioli
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Original Austin Seven, Rinsey Mills
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Original Ferrari V8, the restorer's guide to all models 1974-94 - 308 & GT4, 328, Mondial, 348, 288GTO & F40, Keith Bluemel
Original Jaguar XK, Philip Porter
Original Mini Cooper & Cooper S, John Parnell
Original Morgan 4/4, Plus 4 & Plus 8, the Restorer\\\'s Guide, John Worrall & Liz Turner
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Original Range Rover, James Taylor
Original Triumph Stag, the restorer's guide, James Taylor
Origins of the Ferrari Legend, Gioachino Colombo
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OSCA, Moretti & Stanguellini,
Pagani, the Story of a Dream , Roberto Morelli & Hugo Racca
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Panteras for the Road, Henry Rasmussen
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Photo Formel 1,
Photograph - Abarth Team Transporter - Le Mans 1962,
Photograph - Ferrari 156 Sharknose no.1,
Photograph - Ferrari 156 Sharknose no.10 - 1962 Belgian Grand Prix,
Photograph - Ferrari 156 Sharknose team - 1962 Belgian Grand Prix,
Photograph - Ferrari 156 Sharknose team Monza 1962, Italian Grand Prix,
Photograph - Ferrari 250GTO - Coppa Inter Europa, Monza 1963,
Photograph - Ferrari 250GTO - Coppa Inter Europa, Monza 1963,
Photograph - Ferrari 250GTO - Goodwood 1963,
Photograph - Ferrari 275P no.21 - Le Mans 1964,
Photograph - Ferrari 330 P3 no.21 - Le Mans 1966,
Photograph - Ford GT40 - Le Mans 1966,
Photograph - Ford GT40 - Le Mans 1966 MkII,
Photograph - Iso Grifo A3C Le Mans 1964,
Photograph - Jaguar D-Type 1956 RRU1 chassis no. XKD515,
Photograph - Jaguar D-Type 2 CPG XKD601 - Spring 1963,
Photograph - Le Mans 1962 - Maserati Transporter,
Photograph - Le Mans 1966 - Ferrari Ford GT40 Porsche 906 ,
Photograph - Lorenzo Bandini - Monaco Grand Prix 1965 - Ferrari 512,
Photograph - Maranello Concessionaires Ferrari team - Le Mans 1966,
Photograph - Maranello Concessionaires Ferrari team at the start line - Le Mans 1966,
Photograph - Porsche 356B 1600 Carrera GTL Abarth Coupe,
Photograph - Porsche Carrera 906, Le Mans 1966,
Photograph - Ritchie Ginther - Monaco Grand Prix 1965 - Honda RA272,
Photograph - Start line 1962 Belgian Grand Prix, Spa,
Photograph De Tomaso OSCA 750S Sebring 1962,
Photograph Maranello Concessionaires Ferrari 365 P2 Le Mans 1966,
Photograph Porsche 718 Carel Godin de Beaufort Belgian Grand Prix 1962,
Photographs - Jim Clark - Lotus 25 - event unknown!,
Pietro Frua Maestro Designer , Giuliano Silli
Piloti che Gente, Enzo Ferrari
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Pininfarina Cinquantanni,
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Pininfarina Yearbook no.12,
Pininfarina Yearbook no.4,
Pininfarina Yearbook no.9,
Piquet - Nelson Piquet, Mike Dodson
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Pirelli World Rallying 14, Martin Holmes
Pirelli World Rallying 15, Martin Holmes
Pirelli World Rallying 16, Martin Holmes
Pistons to Blades, small gas turbine developments by the Rover Company, Mark Barnard
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Porsche - Sporterfolge, Tony Adriansens
Porsche 356, Brian Long
Porsche 356 - Osprey Autohistory, Denis Jenkinson
Porsche 904, the truth and the rumours, Phililpe Olczyk & Mike Morris
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Porsche 911, Stefano Pasini
Porsche 911 Enduring Values 2004 , Jutta Deiss, Elmar Brummer & Reiner Scholz
Porsche 911 Turbo,
Porsche 911, the definitive history 1963 to 1971, Brian Long
Porsche 911, the definitive history 1971 to 1977, Brian Long
Porsche 911, the definitive history 1977 to 1987, Brian Long
Porsche 911, the definitive history 1987 to 1997, Brian Long
Porsche 911, the definitive history 1997 to 2007, Brian Long
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Porsche 928, the essential buyer's guide, David Hemmings
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Porsche Story, Julius Weitmann
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Portraits de Facel, Frederic Demoulin
Post-war Baby Austins A30 A35 A40, Barney Sharratt
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Power and Glory Volume 1 1906-1951, William Court
Power and Glory Volume 2 1952-1973, William Court
Private Motor Car Collections of Great Britiain, Peter Hugo
Pro Sports Car Racing in America 1958-1974, Dave Friedman
Project X1/9, the complete guide to modification for competition of the Fiat X1/9,
Prost - Alain Prost, Alan Henry
Prost - Alain Prost, Nigel Roebuck
Prost - Champion du monde, Alain Prost
Prost - Life in the fast lane, Alain Prost
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RAC Rally, Max le Grand
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Racing Maseratis, Giancarlo Reggiani
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Racing with the David Brown Aston Martins Volumes 1 and 2, John Wyer & Chris Nixon
Rally Cars, Reinhard Klein
Rally Cars Given the Works, Graham Robson
RAlly Go-round, the , Richard Garrett
Rally Navigation, Martin Holmes
Rallycourse 1982-83,
Rallycourse 1983-84,
Rallycourse 1984-85,
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The Works MGs, Mike Allison & Peter Browning
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triumph Vitesse 1962-1971,
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Tutte le Lancia 1906-2008,
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Vauxhall Chevette HS & HSR, Graham Robson
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Verstummte Motoren. die Geschichte des Schweizer Grand Prix **SIGNED**, Rene Hafeli
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Vignale, Ferrari and all the others, Alfredo Zanellato Vignale
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W.O. - the autobiography of W.O.Bentley - SIGNED by W.O., W.O.Bentley
W.O. Bentley - Engineer, Donald Bastow
W.O., the autobiography of W.O. Bentley, W.O.Bentley
W.O.Bentley Engineer , Donald Bastow
Wanderer, Gerhard Mirsching
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Why Not? The Story of the Honourable Charles Stewart Rolls, David Baines
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With Campbell at Coniston, Arthur Knowles
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World Rallying 1, Hugh Bishop & Martin Holmes
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Zagato, Michele Marchiano
Zagato, Gianfranco Fagiuoli & Guido Gerosa
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Zagato 1919-2002,
Zagato 1990-2000, Marshall
Zagato 1990-2000, Joanne Marshall
Zagato Cars Unique Portfolio,
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Zolder 1960-1969, Jean-Paul Delsaux